17 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) For Skin, Hair, And Health

Aloe Vera Benefits

The incredible Aloe Vera needs no introduction. Aloe Vera Benefits are well-known, which is why it has earned a permanent place in many a household. Be it a sunburn or a bad case of acne, aloe vera is a treatment you can always rely on. But, did you know that the humble aloe vera has so much more to offer? Aloe vera is a succulent plant and stores water in its leaves, which are thick and fleshy. The leaves produce two substances – the gel, which is more or less water with several other nutrients mixed in, and the sap, which is also known as aloe latex.

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The ‘plant of immortality’, as it was called by Egyptians, also known as ‘Ghritkumari’ in Hindi, ‘Kalabanda’ in Telugu, ‘Katralai’ in Tamil, ‘Kumari’ in Malayalam, ‘Lolisara’ in Kannada, ‘Koraphada’ in Marathi, and ‘Ghrtakumari’ in Bengali can perform miracles not just for your skin, but for your hair and health as well.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Benefits For Skin

1. Prevents Premature Signs Of Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear as you age. But, other factors may expedite what is a natural process. Aloe vera helps in preventing these early signs of aging.

2. Moisturizes Skin

Aloe vera gel has been touted by many as their go-to moisturizer. It has shown miraculous effects on oily and acne-prone skin.

How To Use

Aloe vera gel can be directly extracted from the plant and applied to your skin. Alternatively, there are plenty of ready-to-use aloe gels available in the market. But if you are opting for them, make sure that the aloe vera gel in it constitutes 90 to 100 percent of the product.

3. Reduces Acne And Helps Lighten Blemishes

The aloe gel can work wonders on your skin by reducing acne and clearing the blemishes and scars that get left behind.

How To Use

Aloe vera mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, can help in the reduction of acne and acne scars. Adding lemon juice is important because lemon possesses skin lightening properties that can help with blemishes

4. Helps With Sunburns

Aloe vera is widely used as an after-sun treatment because it is soothing and reduces inflammation.

How To Use

Aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the sunburned area.

5. Heals External Wounds And Insect Bites

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, which makes it effective against wounds and insect bites.

How To Use

Aloe vera gel can be used as a topical treatment for small cuts, bruises, and insect bites. It can also be used as an aftershave lotion to soothe irritated skin.

6. Reduces Stretch Marks

Why Does It Work

With the passing of age, our skin expands and contracts just like elastic. When the skin stretches very far, like during the pregnancy or due to rapid weight gain, the elasticity of the skin gets damaged, which results in ugly stretch marks. These marks are nothing but small tears on the skin layers, which can be healed with the regular use of aloe vera soap.


7. Promotes Hair Growth

Aloe vera is not just great for your skin; it also has a number of benefits for your hair. Topical application of aloe vera can help promote hair growth.

How To Use

Aloe vera, when used along with castor oil, can help with hair growth.

8. Reduces Dandruff

Aloe vera is a widely used ingredient in many commercial shampoos and conditioners. This is because it works wonders for dandruff and dandruff-related problems such as an itchy scalp.

Why Does It Work

Dandruff can be caused by a number of reasons. An oily scalp, accumulation of dead cells, or even an infection can be the cause. And aloe helps out on all fronts. It removes dead cells from your scalp that can clog your hair. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which fight against infections and soothe the scalp.

9. Maintains pH Balance Of The Scalp

When the pH balance of your hair is disrupted, it can lead to endless hair problems. Aloe can help maintain the pH balance of your hair.

Why Does It Work

The pH of your scalp is 5.5, which makes it fall on the acidic side. A lot of the commercial hair products, especially shampoos, contain surfactants which can alter the pH of your scalp and hair because they are alkaline in nature. This can result in damaged and unruly hair. Aloe Vera helps restore your scalp’s pH balance, which promotes healthier and better hair

10. Conditions Hair

Aloe vera can put even the best conditioners to shame. It is moisturizing in nature, and hence, strengthens your hair and adds shine.

How To Use

You can use aloe vera gel as a conditioner right after you shampoo, or even as a leave-in treatment.

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that remove dead cells . It helps in cell regeneration, which helps repair your hair. It also infuses your hair with moisture, leaving it smooth and glossy.

11. Reduces Inflammation

Consuming aloe vera juice can help reduce inflammation.

How To Use

Aloe vera juice is available commercially. But if you have a plant, there is no reason why you cannot make fresh juice on your own.

12. Eases Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Aloe vera juice has been used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD causes symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, and trouble with swallowing, and aloe juice is an effective cure.

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the stomach lining and the esophagus. It also helps fight against pathogens that cause gastrointestinal problems

13. Reduces Cholesterol And Regulates Blood Sugar

Although it is still in its preliminary stages, research has shown that aloe vera can help reduce cholesterol. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar, which is why it is often used as a supplement by diabetics.

Why Does It Work

Clinical trials have shown that aloe vera can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in your vital organs . It can also reduce blood glucose levels.

14. Maintains Oral Health

There have been claims that aloe vera can be as effective as any toothpaste when it comes to maintaining your oral hygiene. With four ingredients, this gel-based toothpaste with aloe vera is great for your teeth. You can make it in less than five minutes, and the benefits of Aloe Vera gel make the toothpaste soothing and refreshing, which promotes dental health, helps moisturize your gums and treating wounds in the mouth.

How To Use

You can make aloe vera toothpaste at home.

15. Builds Immunity

The intake of aloe vera can boost your immune system.

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera propels cells to produce nitric oxide and cytokines, which help with your immune system

16. Lowers The Risk Of Cancer

The impact of aloe vera on the immune system is closely linked to its antitumor and anticancer properties.

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera boosts your immune system, which indirectly helps your body fight against tumors. Studies have also shown that it can shrink the size of tumors and increase the survival rate of those with cancer

17. Helps In Treating Hemorrhoids

When it comes to the natural treatment of piles, Aloe Vera is very popular. Its many beneficial properties give this amazing plant the ability to heal this painful condition.

Why Does It Work

Its anti-inflammatory properties diminish inflammations inside and out and help in alleviating bowel irregularities and intestinal problems. It makes stool soft and easy to pass, thereby reducing the pressure brought on by strain. Anthraquinones, one of Aloe Vera’s key ingredients, help in stimulating contractions on the walls of the digestive tract.

How To Select And Store Aloe Vera


The aloe vera plant thrives in hot and dry climatic conditions. So, if you want your plant to grow properly, it is important that the plant receives enough sunlight and warmth. While it certainly needs water, too much of it can actually hamper its growth and cause it to rot. One of the signs that you are watering your plant too much is when the leaves turn yellow. This indicates that the leaves are saturated with water, so you should cease watering the plant for a while. You also should not use fertilizers on the soil the aloe vera plant grows in. Rather than helping the plant, it may hamper its growth.

For harvesting the gel, it is best that you use the outermost leaves. They tend to be fleshier than the newer ones, and therefore contain more gel. Make a clean cut with a sharp knife as close to the base as possible. Then, place the leaves upright for a while so that the sap drains out. This is a very important step if you are planning on consuming aloe vera. After the leaves have been cleared of the sap, peel off the outermost green layer. This leaves you with the clear gel, which you can scoop out with a spoon. If you are planning on ingesting the aloe vera gel, do so immediately. For topical application, it can be stored for a longer time in the refrigerator.  Always use a sterilized container to store your gel in order to keep it from spoiling. For a longer shelf life, you may add a few drops of vitamin E to it.

Aloe vera is a very versatile plant, and all its benefits probably cannot be summed up. Do you know of any more benefits it has to offer? Or interesting things that can be done with it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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