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WANA beverage is a leading vietnam energy drink supplier and exporter in vietnam

We have been providing OEM and private label energy drink services to many Clients from over 50 countries already

We can produce Energy Drink in 250ml SHORT CAN, SLIM CAN, in 320ml SLEEK CAN, and in 250ml, 350ml, 500ml PET bottle…

Energy Drink is a popular drink all around the world, And many companies want Private Label Energy Drink service nowadays when they start jumping into the Energy Drink field.


We have our popular formula and we also can develop the unique taste for you

Please contact us for further discussion regarding the Energy Drink you want




Asia Food & Beverage Co., Ltd is a professional food & beverage supplier and exporter, based in Vietnam.

Beside developing our own Brand, we also provide OEM beverage manufacturing and private label beverage manufacturing services.

Beside our main products – beverages. We are also an expert in sourcing  of food products in AEC countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Combodia)

We have been exporting our drinks to many countries around the world, including strict countries like USA, UK, Austrailia, Colombia, Canada, South Korea, The Netherlands, Sweeden, Spain…

Our beverage factories are located in Binh Duong province and Ho Chi Minh city, with total area over 25,000 square meters. Our capacity is over 200 containers per month at the moment. We have been processing around 3.000.000 cartons of drinks yearly.



We produce and export beverages like Coconut Water, Aloe vera drink, Energy drink, Fruit Juice drink, Coffee drink, Sparkling Coconut Water, Sparkling water, sparkling fruit juice, Chia Seed Drink, Basil Seed drink, Coconut Milk Drink, Soy milk Drink, Cereal Milk Drink and Fruit Milk Drinks…All our drinks are from natural sources.

With strong experience of Research & Development Team, we have been satisfying many Clients by providing them the right products with the right taste for their market.
We are committed to supply high quality products to our valued existing and new buyers from around the globe at the minium cost.



Should you are finding a vietnam energy drink supplier or have any questions, please feel free to reach us. Our Online Support Center is 24/7 available to serve you!



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